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Vaccines and Serum

CSC Pharmaceuticals offers  wide range of Vaccines &  Serum products like Anti Toxins and Sera.   CSC Pharmaceuticals provides  vaccines & serum products for research purposes.

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These high quality vaccines & serum products are effective for use as calibrators and many can be tested with your own reagents to develop a custom pool that meets your objectives. Our goal is to provide you with the maximum possible choice of vaccines & serum products and services. Our diverse range of vaccines & serum products  is procured from reliable national and multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers. These  are widely used for medical purpose in pharmaceutical industry. We offer diverse vaccines & serum products  to cure various diseases effectively. CSC Pharmaceuticals  work with Multinational as well as WHO Prequalified Indian manufacturers for their Vaccines & serum products . Our broad  product line includes Vaccines & serum products  and biological, Brand name and generic injectables and pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic test kits and reagents, Medical and surgical supplies.

We are able to offer the following vaccines & serum  products including anti rabies vaccine, oral polio vaccine, hepatitis b vaccine, vaccines & serum products  ,influenza vaccine, meningitis vaccine, chicken pox vaccine etc.

•    Oral Polio Vaccine
•    Hepatitis B Vaccine
•    Influenza Vaccine
•    Anti Rabies Vaccine
•    DPT Vaccine
•    MMR Vaccine
•    TD Vaccine
•    Meningitis Vaccine
•    Chicken Pox Vaccine
•    Trivalent Vaccine, Quadrivalent Vaccines / Pentavalent Vaccines etc.

CSC Pharmaceuticals understands the specific needs of primary care physicians, group purchasing organizations, practice management companies and large group practices. We stock a complete line of vaccines & serum  products that help you deliver care. With access to all the required resources , chances are that CSC Pharmaceuticals has the vaccines & serum products you need to serve your patients. CSC Pharmaceuticals has established it's self as the world's largest producer of vaccines & serum . In fact, our range of vaccines & serum products  have been used all over India.
CSC Pharmaceuticals was founded with the aim of manufacturing life-saving vaccines & serum , which were in shortage in the country and imported at high prices. Thereafter, several life-saving vaccines & serum were manufactured at prices affordable to the common man and in abundance.

CSC Pharmaceuticals was incorporated to pursue an ambitious goal of introducing specialized vaccines & serum  products to meet the needs of a quality conscious market.
The Company manufactures and markets vaccines & serum products. Today, CSC Pharmaceuticals  holds a formidable market share in India for vaccines & serum products and is constantly expanding its range of vaccines & serum products by introducing new and improved therapies.    CSC Pharmaceuticals  is constantly developing innovative technologies to help our pharmaceutical and research collaborators create new vaccines & serum products.  These new technologies often result in commercial  vaccines & serum products  used in patient management.  We stock a complete line of  vaccines & serum products that help you deliver care.  Exports of these vaccines & serum products would continue to propel the Company's growth in the coming years.

Every few years new vaccines for diseases become available and some of them make it onto the schedule. Many new vaccines & serum products  have been discovered and developed for clinical use in transplantation.  The price for reducing the incidence of allograft rejection by improved vaccines & serum products   was thought to be a proportional increase in the incidence of infection and malignancy. New vaccines & serum products , however, show a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of acute rejection produced by these new vaccines & serum products  . The wide array of new vaccines & serum products   offers the opportunity to use combinations that block different pathways of immune activation while at the same time selecting   vaccines & serum products  combinations with nonoverlapping toxicity profiles so that doses of each vaccines & serum can be reduced below toxicity levels. The vaccines & serum  therapy for patients can be tailored according to their individual needs by efficient use of vaccines & serum products  . There is a tremendous amount of research being conducted on all frontiers of makes vaccines & serum products, ranging from cell biology to chemotherapy  treatment by the use of vaccines & serum products. This makes vaccines & serum products and  oncology  a continuously changing field.

CSC Pharmaceuticals has developed considerable market strengths in the domestic markets through its portfolio of niche primary vaccines & serum products . The Company remains focused on ascending the value chain in the manufacturing and marketing vaccines & serum products and is committed to enhancing the sales of these vaccines & serum products .

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