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Comparator Drugs for Clinical Trials

CSC Pharmaceuticals  main business area of specialization is supply and project assistance for Clinical Trials and Research. CSC Pharmaceuticals offers Immunosuppressant Drugs, Comparator Products, Innovators and Branded Products for Clinical Trials as Comparators.

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India being a third tier market the Innovators manufactured in EU and USA are available at much lower prices. CSC Pharmaceuticals provides various comparator products in conformity with the international standard.  India also having a large population large quantities of these are available that can be offered for Global Clinical trials. Some of the organizations we supply to are BMS, Amgen, JNJ, Pfizer, RLS, etc.CSC Pharmaceuticals is reckoned as one of the Immunosuppressant Drugs and Comparator Products Manufacturers & Exporters from India. With maintaining a loyal relation with reputed vendors, CSC Pharmaceuticals is able to supply best comparator products for clinical trials. Backed by adept professionals, CSC Pharmaceuticals provides project assistance for Clinical Trials and Research.

We are focusing mainly on Oncology Trials since Oncology is the main area of Research for all organizations. Some of our product range includes oncology medicines, immunosuppressant drug, oncology injectables, immunosuppressant medicines, radiation oncology medicine, immunosuppressive drugs, immunosuppressive drugs for kidney etc.

Products Under Development:

•    Erlotinib Tablets
•    Trastazumab Injection
•    Rituximab Injection
•    Interferon Alpha / Beta / Gamma
•    Lipid Complex - Doxorubucin
•    Sorafenib Tablets.

Various medical institutes, hospitals etc., are placing repeated orders as no alternative is available when it comes to quality, composition and effectiveness. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Immunosuppressant Drugs at reasonable prices. Comparator  drugs are a highly specialized class of product and are difficult to produce due to their toxic characteristics and need for special preparation and handling.  By further growing our portfolio , CSC Pharmaceuticals will ensure that patients worldwide have greater access to a comprehensive range of these vital quality comparator drugs at an affordable cost.

Contact details

  • Contact Person: Mr. Chaitanya Shah
  • Address : Padhya Building,
    2nd Floor, 11 Bhaskar Bhau Lane
    Gamdevi - Mumbai- 400 007, India
  • Office: +91 22 64596200
  • Fax: +91 22 64596201
Products Comparator Drugs for Clinical Trials